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Why Choose A Walk-In Shower-Howell MI

By John on Aug 4, 2019 10:55:28 AM

Do you love nothing more than an invigorating morning drench but can’t see a way of fitting a shower enclosure into your bathroom layout? Or maybe you want to ditch the bath altogether? Then a walk-in shower could be the solution. Read why you might want to choose a walk-in shower, and get some helpful advice on how to make this popular bathroom feature work for you.
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3 Kitchen Storage Zones-Williamston MI

By John Ward on Aug 4, 2019 10:52:46 AM

“How much storage space do I need?” The trick is to assess what you own and decide how you will store it for convenient access. Carefully consider this challenge because poorly organized spaces often become daily irritations, impeding the pleasure of being at home.  Kitchens top the list of rooms in which you need to get your storage right.
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Space Needed for a Kitchen Island-Oxford MI

By John Ward on Aug 4, 2019 10:49:34 AM

A well-planned island layout can allow a smooth workflow and provide a comfortable space for preparing and cooking food. I slands also frequently provide space for dining, working and storage.  But while a well-planned layout offers much enjoyment, a poorly planned island can be frustrating. This is particularly true if there is insufficient space for an island to begin with. If you’re considering a kitchen island, follow these tips to help you decide whether you have enough space to make an island work for you. And if you don’t, discover what else you can try.
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From Houzz: Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

By John Ward on Jul 26, 2019 8:54:18 AM

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, you want to update the look, increase resale value, add functionality, amenities and storage or a combination of all or some of these. Simple enough. 

But the scope of a bathroom remodel project depends on a variety factors — most of all budget, but also how long you’ve been in the house and how long you plan to stay there. As with most things, there are three levels of bathroom remodeling: good, better and best, says Leslie Molloy, a design consultant at Normandy Remodeling
In this new series, we’ll take you through the planning and execution process for remodeling your main bathroom.  

Of course, the costs below are all relative and will depend on a variety of factors, including where you live, how old your home is and what kind of bathroom renovations have already been done. Remodeling a bathroom from the 1990s is a lot different than overhauling one built in the 1920s with mud-set floors and galvanized plumbing. “Older houses likely have had a series of previous remodels that we usually have to peel back the layers and see what’s there,” says Brad Little, president of Case Remodeling in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Three Basic Cost Ranges for a Bathroom Remodel

The first step is deciding which level of remodeling is right for you. Let’s take a look at three different cost ranges for bathroom remodels and common materials and finishes for each.
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6 Bathrooms that Said Goodbye to the Tub

By John Ward on Jul 26, 2019 8:40:15 AM

Bathtubs, while a common bathroom feature, don’t always get a lot of use. Fifty-six percent of respondents to  a Houzz survey  say they never use their tub for taking a bath. So it’s no surprise that some people are opting to take out the tub altogether when they remodel their bathroom. bathroom

Let’s take a look at six bathroom transformations that said goodbye to the tub. Maybe these scenarios will shower you with new ideas for your own bathroom.
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Want More Space In Your Kitchen? Kitchen Space Solutions-Howell MI

By John Ward on Jul 19, 2019 10:48:54 AM

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Dislike Your Kitchen? New Kitchen Countertops MI Could Help

By John Ward on Jul 19, 2019 9:41:28 AM

If you are like many homeowners, there's one room of your home that you'd like to change the most: the kitchen. A problem that many people face, though, is how to make changes to a room that you use so much while still sticking to a budget. While a larger kitchen is the dream of countless homeowners, few of them have the funds to start knocking out walls and running more plumbing to accommodate for the additional size. 

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