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A Basement the Whole Family Can Enjoy

basement-remodel-room-1At All in One Custom Renovations, family is important to us, and we treat all our customers as if they are one of our own. A finished basement is a great place to spend quality time with your loved ones. Basements are universal, and your space can be transformed into just about anything you want depending on your preferences and budget.

Basements can become playrooms, recreation areas, home offices, laundry rooms, guest rooms, and more. Our team can even divide your basement up into a few different rooms. We can section off a game room for the kids (and adults too!), section off a living room, and even add a bathroom to your basement. At All in One Custom Renovations, our basement contractors put in the time, effort, and commitment needed to understand your basement renovation goals. Regardless of your budget, basement size or style you want to achieve, the team at All in One Custom Renovations can turn your vision into a reality.



Reasons to Renovate Your Basement

If you plan on selling your home in the future, a basement remodel can be a return on investment. In terms of resale value, basement remodels rank along with a kitchen and bathroom remodels. For many potential homeowners, a finishedbasement-remodel-room-2-1 basement can be the deciding factor on whether or not they want to purchase a home. A finished basement can also increase energy savings. More often than not, an unfinished basement can have a few too many air leaks and too little insulation. As a result, this can waste energy and compromise any rooms above the basement. Adding insulation during a renovation can help improve the comfort of your entire home. Lastly, it’s no secret that refinishing your basement can add on to your living space. Whether you want to entertain, host holiday parties, or simply relax with your family- a basement remodel can enhance your living situation with more space.


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Our Design Process

basement-remodel-room-3When creating your ideal basement, many components go into it, such as the walls, ceiling, floors, and overall interior design. At All in One Custom Renovations, we are your go-to for all your basement remodeling needs. We have a large variety of wall, ceiling, and floor choices that can please any homeowner and their style. With our team’s knowledge and experience, we give every part of the basement remodeling job its full attention. All in One Custom Renovation's team of basement contractors and designers will work with you to determine the best plan for your basement remodel. They will ask you a series of questions regarding how you’d like to utilize your space, any rooms you’d like to add, and what style you’d want to get a better of idea of your vision. We then get to work drawing up your basement remodeling plan. Once the plan is approved by you, our expert craftsmen will get to work.

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